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Talents in training, Training center

Petia Balkanski, Founder and CEO

Based in London, UK, Talents in training is a training centre, offering various courses within a construction environment.

After spending years as a business developer, consultant, and auditor, Petia launched Talents in training with the idea of bringing a better, more efficient and affordable means of training programs to those in London, and throughout the United Kingdom.

The Talents in training company was founded back in the early months of 2016 when Founder and Chief Executive officer Petia Balkanski decided she would take all of the real-world experiences and education she had gained throughout her career and use them to create a company that would help bring training programs to those who are working within a construction environment.

Before she made her mark by entering the training centre world, Petia honed her skills working in the security industry. Quickly rising through the ranks anywhere she worked, Petia was even part of the team that helped run the security for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Petia has a long history of success in any field she has found herself working in. This includes being a qualified and highly recognized SIA door supervisor tutor, as well as a L1 Health and Safety. ​

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