Petia Balkanski, Founder and CEO

Based in London, U.K., Talents Search is a training centre.

Established in early 2016, Talents Search has blossomed under the tutelage of Founder and Chief Executive Officer Petia Balkanski.

Petia has a long history of success in any field she has found herself working in. This includes being a qualified and highly-recognized SIA door supervisor tutor, as well as a L1Health and Safety.

Before she made her mark by entering the training centre world, Balkanski honed her skills working in the security industry. Quickly rising through the ranks anywhere she worked, Petia Balkanski was even part of the team that helped run the security for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Driven by a passion for her work and her employees, Petia decided to take all of her education and real-world experience she had gained and establish her own training centre business.

“After job-hopping as a business developer, consultant and compliance auditor, with all the experience and education gained, I decided to establish Talents Search,” Petia says. “Talents search is an adaptive enterprise working within rapid economic demand. We are collaborating with our clients and their employees to provide solutions and services towards these ends. Fulfilled quality assurance and rules engines make our businesses resilient and help in achieving organizational goals.”

With over 15 years of the hard work and dedication of Petia Balkanski behind them, the London-based Talents Search is one of the leading sources for training centre in the U.K.



Talents in training LTD is a limited company registered in England and Wales.

Registration number 11597778

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