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Talents In Training regularly collect certain types of information from service users in order to deliver a better experience and carry out our work. Throughout this policy we will detail the data that is being collected, how we store and secure this data and the rights of our users on this platform.

All personal information that we collect is dealt with appropriately and whether we collect information on paper forms or stored in a digital database, we want to ensure that our company is compliant with current GDPR our standards and the data protection act.

On occasion, we may share data with appropriate local authorities, are funding bodies or other voluntary agencies responsible for hiring. Our individual users will be made aware when their application data or data stored with our company needs to be transferred to one of our secondary agencies. We may also be responsible for disclosing data where the law is required without data subjects consent. We will always ask for consent when transferring data voluntarily but if required by law to disclose information, such as in a legal proceeding we will forgo consent at the behest of a legal entity issuing a court order for the disclosure of data.

We will be collecting data to improve the hiring process or our customer’s online profiles. This data can include info like statistics on a company, address information, qualifications, phone numbers, and other identifying data. We will not collect sensitive data such as information on trade union memberships, criminal record proceedings, beliefs and more.

We strive to provide the most confidential service possible and ensure that user data is only shared with individual service users consent. We will not proceed to forward data further without the consent of a user. We will complete due diligence to properly secure our servers and ensure that we are completing correct unlawful treatment on any type of data within our company. Talents Search wants to continue treating all personal information with a lawful and correct level of security.

Of course, no digital security is 100% free of malicious threats. We are regularly addressing our security concerns but there are sometimes instances where we can fall short. By accessing this website or submitting data to our company you are agreeing to a policy in which we will take every measure necessary to secure your data and ask for consent in the sharing of data. If there is a technical failure on our part, we will take every step necessary to right the issue as well as deliver a notice to our users as soon as we determine a malicious threat or data issue.

Data within our servers is stored for a time period for which it is only necessary to have an active account. If you would like to clear your account from our system, contact us at any time and we can remove your data from our servers. We will regularly keep files on our bank of talent throughout the company we want to ensure that we can deliver an excellent experience for hiring managers and for potential employees that are looking for new opportunities. The data that we keep on hand will be removed after a period of two years of inactivity from a user profile.

It is our responsibility as administrators to ensure that all of the personal data removed from our online databases nonrecoverable by any computer system. We will not pass or sell information onto third-party websites.

There may be external links on our website to third-party websites and by clicking on these links we are not responsible for the experience that a user may have or the data that they may share on these affiliate or third party links. We can only control the data stored on Talents In Training and ensure our users that the data we collect is only designed to improve their experience and speed the process of hiring.

We want to ensure that the data we collect on our users is completely accurate. Individuals and service users do have the right to access the information that talent search holds on them. We will also take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold is up to date. By sending out regular messages on updating data we can ensure that the information we have can improve the experience of users fully.

Data subjects have the rights to edit their own online profile as well as request deletion of their online profile on Talents search. If you have been hired for a job or you are simply interested in eliminating your online presence with Talents Search, contact our administrators today and we can take all necessary steps to remove your profile and data from our website.

As personal information such as qualifications, names and addresses are essential to talent recruitment if you are unwilling to share data with talents search as a potential candidate, we would ask that you review our policy or abstain from use in creating a profile. We will take every applicable precaution in securing the data of our customers and clients. We will not share data with third-party sites in order to profit from data collection, only to share talent or opportunities with new perspective hires. We will ask for consent before sharing any type of data unless we are required by law to deliver data records.

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