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The level II diploma in fitted interiors is a program is nationally recognized for individuals were going to be working in specialized construction for interior spaces. Participants will expand their health and safety knowledge as well as conform to basic productive working practices within this field of construction.

As an additional opportunity, students will have the ability to learn basics in plumbing which can help them to expand their versatility in the workplace.

On the completion of this program participants will have a direct knowledge of the supply, installation and design process for a variety of rooms throughout commercial and residential spaces. This can lend a wealth of knowledge to positions in kitchen renovation, the germ renovation and bathroom renovation.

Whether a qualified graduate would like to assist the local business or start their own business, the skills available here can make them a true asset in the construction business with interior construction projects.

Price: £600

Entry Requirements: No formal entry requirements for this course

Mandatory Units:

Conforming to general health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

Conforming to productive working practices in the workplace.

Moving, handling and storing resources in the workplace.

Installing fitted furniture in the workplace.

Additional Units:

Installing basic plumbing in the workplace.

Different Pathways:



Pass or fail exam based on a total qualification time of 350 hours. The assessment is internally assessed and verified by staff center and then examined with quality assurance by ProQual. 

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