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The overall goal of this program is to prepare individuals for a long career in the steel erecting construction field. Through the demonstration of knowledge in this qualification applicants will showcase their skills and a competent in steel erecting throughout the engineering and construction industry.

Applicants will have the ability to strengthen their skills in identifying hazards and reducing safety concerns throughout the industry. They will learn the essentials for moving heavy steel objects and identifying various hazards at a job site while still working efficiently. Additional experience in working at heights, assembly and improvements to installation can contribute to a safer working improvements on site.

Additional learning can be provided in the dismantling of steel structural work components for improvements to efficiency on the job site.

This is an accredited regulated qualifications framework program. It's recognized under the regulatory body of the office of qualifications and examinations. After the completion of this program individuals can be ready to move into a position in steel erection throughout the construction industry.

Price: £600

Entry Requirements: No formal entry requirements for this course

Mandatory Units:

Contribute to effective working relationships in steel erection

Work safety and minimize risk in steel erection

Identify and deal with hazards in emergencies and steel erection

Move structural steel sections under supervision

Install structural steel work components

Work safety at height on steel structures

Assemble bolted joints and structural steel work

Additional Units:

Dismantle structural steel work components

Different Pathways:



Pass or fail exam based on a total qualification time of 420 hours with 205 guided learning hours. The assessment is internally assessed and verified by staff center and then examined with quality assurance by ProQual.

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