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This Level 2 certificate is perfect for those who are looking to work in the field of logistics, warehousing, or distribution in the role of a forklift truck operator.

This qualification produces candidates with the skills and knowledge that is required within the industry for positions such as loading and unloading in a warehouse, or storage environment, as well as the transfer of loads via driving or maneuvering with compliance to the Health and Safety requirements.

The Level 2 Forklift certificate sets you up perfectly by helping you develop the skills for a supervisor or leader role, as well as taking many other qualification certificates.

This certificate has been accredited onto the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Price - £800 

Entry Requirements

While there is no formal entry requirements for this qualification, it is recommended that training centres make sure that candidates have the potential to high-achievement before accepting them into the qualification.

Mandatory Units

A/601/9451: Obtain information on the collection and/or delivery of goods, Level 2

Y/601/9456: Make an effective contribution to a business in the logistics sector, Level 2

Y/601/7920: Contribute to the provision of customer service in logistics operations, Level 2

K/502/1072: Health, Safety and Security at work, Level  2

J/503/7781: Operate, move or manoeuvre the fork lift truck, Level 2

L/503/7782: Select, transfer and position loads using a fork lift truck, Level 2

D/503/7785: Undertake post operational checks for fork lift trucks, Level 2

F/503/7780: Prepare the fork lift truck for driving or manoeuvring, Level 2

Different Pathways

While there are no separate pathways that a candidate can take with this qualification, there are plenty of opportunities that are opened by having the Level 2 certificate in Forklift Truck operations.


The Level 2 certificate in Forklift truck operations qualification is assessed on the ability for the candidate to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and skill described within the units. This is done by measuring the knowledge, understanding and performance of the candidate.

Factors that can be included in the assessment of the candidates’ demonstrated knowledge includes assignments, projects, reports, as well as portfolio evidence, and candidate test papers.


The duration of guided learning hours for this qualification is 113 hours, depend on the candidate.

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