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Cladding operations diplomas will allow for specialized skill gain within this path in the construction industry. The qualification here allows new learners to expand their potential and produce an awarded qualification for cladding work throughout the workplace.

As well as introducing new skills in the workplace, the course will add new methods for maintaining and developing better occupational relationships as well as making better use of activities and resources within the occupational workplace.

The entire course is overseen by the regulatory body for office qualifications and examines regulation throughout the UK. The Welsh government has outlined the improvements included in this course and the approvals throughout the course have been introduced for specialized improvements in health and safety training. The curriculum and the examinations in this program will highlight skills and improve accreditation for any construction professional in the field.

Price - £800

Entry Requirements:

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification

Mandatory Units:

Confirming work activities and resources for occupational work area in the workplace

Developing and maintaining good occupational working relationships in the workplace

Confirming the occupational method of work in the workplace

Conforming to general health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

Each track will have varied mandatory units associated with it.

Additional Units:

Each of the two tracks includes optional units for operating equipment, refurbishing, solar installations and more.

Different Pathways:

Roof and wall sheeting and Cladding

Rainscreen Wall Cladding Systems


Pass or fail exam based on a total qualification time of 1040 hours with 454 guided learning hours. The assessment is internally assessed and verified by staff center and then examined with quality assurance by ProQual.  

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