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•Learners wishing to appeal must do so within 14 days of receiving the disputed assessment decision and are advised to keep copies of all documents relating to the appeal.

•In the unlikely event that learners exhaust this procedure and remain dissatisfied with the decision made by Talents Search, they may take their appeal to the Incidents and Investigations appointed body. Where a learner remains dissatisfied after the appeal outcomes have been confirmed, they have a right to take the matter to the appropriate regulator.

•The appeal should be made, to the assessor who made the original assessment decision. The learner is recommended to put the appeal in writing using Talents Inn Training Appeals Form 1 provided below.

•The assessor should explain the rationale for the decision that is being disputed. The assessor is required to record an overview of the appeal and the outcome of the discussion and forward this to Talents Search to retain with the centre’s assessment and appeals records.

Policy dated: March 2023

Next review: March 2026
Reviewed by: Petia Balkanski

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