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Personal Alcohol Licence

The Personal Alcohol Licence Holder (APLH) training course is a nationally recognised course in the UK. APLH includes training and qualification for individuals seeking a license to sell alcohol in the UK.

Obtaining an APLH certification could be a requirement for your employment or advancement within your company.

This course covers a wide range of topics related to alcohol sales, including the legal responsibilities of selling alcohol, the impact of alcohol on health and safety, and the management of alcohol-related incidents. Additionally, the course covers topics such as age verification, conflict management, and customer service.

Price: £120

Entry Requirements:

  • Be 16 years or older (however, a Personal Licence cannot be applied for until the age of 18)

  • Have a basic level of English literacy


Mandatory Units:

  • Licensing Authorities

  • Personal and Premises Licences

  • Operating Schedules

  • Permitted Temporary Activities

  • Unauthorised Licensable Activities

  • Police Powers and Rights of Entry

  • Legal and Social Responsibilities of the Personal Licence Holder

  • Illegal Drugs, the Effects of Alcohol and Disorderly Conduct

  • Protection of Children

Assessment: Multiple Choice Exam (40 questions)

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