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Talents In Training recognises the principles of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as an essential part of adult education. Talents In Training recognises that education can come from life experiences, formal education and other courses, training in a work environment and work experiences. Talents In Training is committed to ensuring that no participant should be required to undertake training in a module/unit of competency, for which they are already able to demonstrate satisfactory achievement of the performance criteria stated in the endorsed training package or nationally recognised course.

Talents In Training informs all prospective participants of the availability of RPL. A student has the opportunity, at the interview for enrolment, or prior to commencement of the program, to apply for RPL. Talents In Training staff are responsible for supporting all stages of the RPL process and for providing appropriate and adequate information in order to maximise opportunities for a successful RPL outcome.

Talents In Training seeks to use assessment methods for RPL that meet the Rules of Evidence and Principles of Assessment and provide a range of ways for individuals to demonstrate that they have met the required outcomes.

These may include:

•questioning (oral or written);
•consideration of a portfolio and review of contents;
•consideration of third party reports and/or other documentation such as articles, reports, project material, papers, testimonials or other products prepared by the RPL applicant that relate to the learning outcomes of the relevant qualification component;
•mapping of learning outcomes from prior formal or non-formal learning to the relevant qualification components;
•observation of performance, and
•participation in structured assessment activities the individual would normally be required to undertake if they were enrolled in the qualification component/s.

Qualifications issued by the other Registered Training Organisations will be recognised by Talents In Training.

A credit transfer will be given for units/modules already achieved at another Registered Training Organisation in the qualification for which a participant is enrolling.


Credit transfer is a process that provides students with agreed and consistent credit outcomes based on identified equivalence in content and learning outcomes between matched qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process which determines the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit.
The RPL pathway is appropriate for candidates who have previously attained skills and knowledge and who, when enrolling in qualifications, seek to shorten the duration of their training and either continue or commence working. This may include the following groups of people:

•existing workers;
•individuals with overseas qualifications;
•recent migrants with established work histories;
•people returning to the workplace; and
•people with disabilities or injuries requiring a change in career.



Policy dated: March 2023

Next review: March 2026

Reviewed by: Petia Balkanski

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